Healthcare That Feels Good

Vitality Acupuncture provides you with unique and individualized care to not only ease pain, but helps you live a vital life.

Using the insertion of hair-thin needles into the body at specific locations triggers the body’s own natural healing mechanisms, and nudges you toward restored balance and vitality.

Our herbal formulas are an excellent way to relieve symptoms, improve your health, and strengthen the overall effect of your acupuncture treatments.

Promotes circulation of blood and lymph, relieves muscle tension, relaxes body and mind, cold and flu treatment / prevention.

Food is medicine. Nutritional and exercise or stretching recommendations tailored to your individual needs.

What They’re Saying

Heather from Vitality Acupuncture is a super kind, very personable acupuncturist. She is flexible in her treatments and also in her scheduling; always helping me find a way to get in and get what I need. She is very knowledgeable in her profession and works well with a wide clientele. Before I saw her I was terrified of needles, yet she has helped me find a way to experience the amazing benefits of acupuncture. She is really helpful and I appreciate that she remembered my and my needs and goals from visit to visit; I didn’t have to repeat everything when I saw her. Totally recommended!


Heather is the best! I am impressed with her professionalism, knowledge and her willingness to constantly educate herself further in her field. Highly recommended! –K.B.

Heather has helped me with multiple athletic aches and pains! She provides a judgement free zone and great advice on self care!


I was suffering from gastrointestinal issues before coming to see Heather. But after only one session, my symptoms improved, in less than 24 hours! And after 3 treatments they're 95% gone! I also have chronic pain in my hands, forearms and shoulders, and after today's session I feel amazing! I highly recommend Heather and her effective technique! I will be back for future sessions!


I highly recommend Vitality Acupuncture if you are dealing with pain or other ailments. I've been seeing Stephanie for several months now and she has made such a difference in my life! The treatment she has provided has been more effective than the treatment provided by previous physicians I've seen and has proven that prescription medication isn't always necessary. I'm very happy with the results! Thanks so much, Stephanie!