Can’t Plant a Garden? Try a CSA!

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Fresh VeggiesNow is the time to start thinking about planting if you have a garden.  If you don’t have a garden, it is the time to sign up for a CSA.  Never heard of it?  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  Here’s what happens if you sign up for a CSA: you pay a certain dollar amount up front to get a weekly bag (or box) of mixed veggies for the next 18-22 weeks directly from the farmer.  This system takes a lot of the financial risk off the shoulders of the farmer and allows him or her to diversify the types of produce grown. The dollar amount you pay for the produce ends up being about  $25.00 per week with the bonus of feeling good that you kept your money local, knowing where your food came from, and (usually) supporting organic agriculture methods which are better for our bodies and the environment.  Wow!

Believe it or not, there are quite a few to choose from so I have tried to simplify the process by visiting all the websites and giving you the quick and dirty highlights here:

(This is a compilation of the information I could find on local CSA’s – there may be more out there than just these.  If you discover a new one that you really like , please share and send me an email.)


Peaceful Belly

Organic veggies only.  18 weeks.  $420 Pick up only.

 Earthly Delights Farm

Veggies & fruit.  18 weeks.  $468 They have a few different options to choose, including delivery by bicycle!  Already full this season and not taking any more customers, however, as part of their landscaping service they do offer vegetable garden planting and maintenance at your house!

 Morning Owl Farm

Organic veggies & fruit.  18 weeks.  $540 They also have a few different options including some with meat, eggs, quiche, and beans.  They also offer delivery.

 Global Gardens

Organically grown veggies & fruits. 18 weeks. $415+tax and they do accept food stamps.  They have an optional meat share you can purchase as well.  They also offer delivery at an additional cost.  This CSA is grown by and supports refugee families that have relocated to Boise.

 Field Goods Farm

Organically grown veggies & fruits. 18 weeks. $468 They also offer a half share.  Pick up only.

 City Gardens

Veggies. 10 weeks. $250 They offer delivery for an added charge.


 Evenstar Farm

Organically grown veggies & fruit.  $450 There is also a half share option.

 Eagle Organic Farm

No website.  Contact Jill at 208-939-9334

The summer program is full, but they need substitutes to pick up when shares when members are out of town.

Nature’s Table Farm

No website.  Contact Katrina at 208-781-0034

Organically grown veggies.  $520 18-20 weeks.  Pick up only.


 Spyglass Gardens

Veggies and honey.  $764 for 20 weeks.  Half shares available.  Pick up and delivery for an additional fee of $25.


The Jenkins Clan

Veggies. $500 for full shares