Ancient Chinese Secret for Sprains, Strains, and Severe Contusions

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Are you a weekend warrior or just tend to be accident-prone? When you injure yourself, all you want to do is get better quickly so that you can be active and mobile again. But what if the things you typically do to “help” yourself get better may actually be the wrong things to do, which ultimately can be making everything worse?

When we get injured, the first thing we have been taught to do is to put ice on it. Did you know that this is only helpful for the first 24 hours after an injury? After that period of time, ice can actually slow down the healing process and make things worse long-term.

From a Chinese medical perspective, putting ice or anything cold on the skin for an extended period of time slows down proper blood circulation. When blood circulation is inhibited, your body’s natural healing process gets disrupted causing chronic aches and pains. If you think of this from a Western medical perspective, inhibiting proper blood circulation prevents white blood cells from getting to the site of injury and repairing it.

Ice does have its benefits when it comes to slowing down the swelling process after an injury. However, something that works even better than ice is applying an herbal poultice on sprains, strains, and contusions. Monks and martial artists have used herbal poultices for thousands of years because, honestly, they work!

At Vitality Acupuncture, we give our patients an herbal formula called San Huang San for sprains, strains, and contusions all the time free of charge. San Huang San, translated as Three Yellow Powder, is a pre-mixed herbal powder that helps significantly reduce inflammation while promoting optimal blood circulation to clean up the site of injury. San Huang San can also be useful for simple closed fractures where the bone hasn’t penetrated the skin. Coupled with getting acupuncture can also help speed up the recovery process and promote efficient healing. Acupuncture also helps restore balance and equilibrium to prevent injuries in the future.

Next time you or someone you know twists a knee or ankle, send them to us at Vitality Acupuncture. We would love to help in any way we can. The cost of treatment is definitely more affordable than a trip to the doctor.

Call us at 208-629-4920 for a free 15-minute consultation. We bill insurance and can check on acupuncture benefits for you!

Written by Stephanie Babauta, LAc