New Patient Consult and Treatment

This appointment is for all new patients. It is a full-service 90-minute appointment that includes initial consult, acupuncture treatment, lifestyle, nutritional and herbal recommendations and a discussion of your individualized treatment plan; which includes plenty of time to answer any questions you may have. You will leave our office with a plan in place for better health and improved vitality!

…starts at $96

Private Acupuncture Treatment

Private Acupuncture Follow Treatment

This is a full-service hour long appointment in your own private treatment room.  You’ll enjoy an individualized acupuncture treatment and possibly other services such as herbal or nutritional recommendations, Asian bodywork, recommended stretches or exercises, or heat therapy.

…starts at $80

Group Acupuncture Clinic

This appointment consists of acupuncture only in a group setting. Treatment takes place in a large room containing 3 tables and a reclining chair; each is surrounded by curtains to make it a semi-private setting. This allows you to be treated in a group, but within your own curtained cubicle. There is minimal talking in the group clinic. That way you maintain the privacy of your health information and respect the quiet atmosphere for the others being treatment in the group clinic. This is a great option for friends or family that would like to schedule appointments together. Share the joy of acupuncture!

Please note: you must first have a new patient consult and treatment prior to scheduling a treatment in the group clinic. We do not bill insurance for the group acupuncture treatments.

…starts at $40

Fire Cupping Treatment

Fire Cupping

Every bit as relaxing and soothing as a massage! Using a cup (a round glass jar) with heat to create a vacuum, the cup is placed on a specific area of the body and suctions to the skin. This therapy promotes circulation within the muscle layers and is a wonderful treatment for tension, muscle injuries, frozen shoulder, common colds, asthma, neck pain, and IT Band tightness – just to name a few! This is a 30 minute appointment and can be offered as a stand-alone treatment or included with a private acupuncture treatment.

…starts at $40

Need More Information?

We offer free 15 minute consultations, in person or over the phone, to answer any question and to discuss your personal health goals. You can schedule a consult by calling our office at 208-629-4920.

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