For Fertility

More than anything, you want a baby. We are happy to support you at every step along your way to a healthy baby. If you are in the early stages of trying to conceive, we can help educate you about your fertility. If you are a few steps down the road, we can help you identify changes that may be necessary in order to conceive. And if you are miles and miles into what seems like a never ending journey, well, we can offer you our continuing support and guidance and help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All along the way, no matter whether you are just starting or at the point that it all seems never ending, we will be here offering you a place to heal, rest, and believe.

What Chinese Medicine Can Do For Fertility

Increased blood flow to the uterus

Improved ovary function

Hormone balancing

Beneficial effect on sperm motility and morphology

Decrease stress, which helps overall fertility

Improved implantation and placenta development

New to Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine?

Our Approach

No bandaid approach here.

We don’t want to just mask symptoms and allow underlying problems to be left unresolved. Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture corrects the underlying imbalances to address the root cause of illness, while providing symptom relief.

Your body was designed to heal.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture work with your own body’s vitality to trigger a healing response. Healing comes from the inside out and you and your body are empowered in the process.

Getting back to the basics.

We educate and guide you during our time together to make simple, basic lifestyle changes that will lead you back to vitality. We may discuss diet, exercise, and stress management techniques that will improve your quality of life.

We listen.

We want to get to the heart of the issue so that, working together, we can make real and lasting change in not only your symptoms; but in your overall health, life, and feeling of vitality. We do that by listening to what you tell us. No one knows your body better than you.


Stress plays a role in how our bodies cope with illness, and stress interferes with our overall feeling of wellbeing. Acupuncture reduces levels of stress hormones in the body. In addition to acupuncture, we provide you with the knowledge and resources to manage stress.

Feel better fast.

Acupuncture triggers the release of endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals in your body. Because of that release, you may notice improvements in your mood, digestion, and pain level right after your treatment. You will float out of our office feeling great.

What They’re Saying

Heather has helped me so much! I'm much less stressed and when I'm seeing her regularly my cycle is like clockwork (28 days) which is NOT normal for me. Thank you so much!!


Heather and Brenda are wonderful. Easy online appointment option. Deep and extensive understanding of pain relief and the body. Heather listens to you and suggests treatment that is comfortable for you. Very relaxing atmosphere. Cozy and clean. Helped me immensely for back pain after accident, fertility treatments and stress relief. Treatments help body heal itself. Better and cheaper than the medication route, expensive doctor appointments that usually help with nothing and never find what’s wrong with the body. Alternative medicine works. Go try it and see. Addicted.


Shouldn’t all grown up women know how to tell when they are ovulating when it’s time to have babies? Yes. Do we? No. Heather helped educate me by referring me to a fertility book. I learned about how to measure my basal body temperature and recognize physical signs of ovulation. Heather urged me to get an ovulation kit to confirm dates. This is the kind of education that should be taught in schools! I passed the knowledge on to my friends that were trying to get pregnant. None of us knew the signs! Heather helped me immensely with education, herbs, acupuncture treatments and always listening. I believe I got pregnant at age 37 mainly due to her help. I also had a very difficult pregnancy, and she was able to help with all the associated aches and pains. It is now two years later and I’m trying to conceive again. With Heather’s help, I’m sure it won’t take long.