For Lower Back Pain

It is estimated that at least 80% of people will be affected by back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain can affect anyone, whether you are an athlete, gardner, mom, or worker that sits at a desk all day.

Common lower back injuries we treat

Sprain / Strain of the low back

Piriformis syndrome

Lumbar radiculitis

SI joint dysfunction



New to Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine?

Recommended Exercises & Stretches

Knees to Chest

Reclined Twist

Figure 4 Stretch

Piriformis stretch

Doorway / Standing Side Stretch

Leg Lift

Clamshell Exercise

What They’re Saying

I just want to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to Heather and her staff at Vitality Acupuncture. Three months ago I was experiencing incredible back pain. I was desperately trying anything and everything to alleviate the pain. After my first appointment with Heather I knew I had found the right medical help I needed. Thanks to the treatment program Heather set up for me, I am pain free and have returned to an active life style. In addition, the professionalism and patient care at Vitality Acupuncture is superior to any of the other medical facilities I have visited. I highly recommend Vitality Acupuncture, you will be pleased with the results.


I was fortunate to find Heather during my bout with lower back and hip pain. Heather opened my eyes to the possibilities of Chinese Medicine as a continuing and integrated aspect of my overall health. Her excitement for what she does is obvious and she does it extremely well. Her approach was caring and her knowledge extensive. Heather is an amazing healer!


Heather and Brenda are wonderful. Easy online appointment option. Deep and extensive understanding of pain relief and the body. Heather listens to you and suggests treatment that is comfortable for you. Very relaxing atmosphere. Cozy and clean. Helped me immensely for back pain after accident, fertility treatments and stress relief. Treatments help body heal itself. Better and cheaper than the medication route, expensive doctor appointments that usually help with nothing and never find what’s wrong with the body. Alternative medicine works. Go try it and see. Addicted.